capitalism is a concept that exists far away from the UNITARY SPACE; an impossibility of thoughtless and catastrophic potential, made real.

capitalism — a weapon forged by a humanity that closed their gates of access to the AUTONOMOUS SPACE — thought no longer controlled by Thought — and gave their bodies and souls to the PANOPTIC SPACE.

in this sense, the goal of capitalism is to completely deny roads of access to the UNITARY SPACE through way of suppressing the AUTONOMOUS SPACE; to turn the three lands of humanity…


…into a manipulable corruption, by destroying the AUTONOMOUS; or perhaps, more like building a WALL around it, to suppress its access into humanity. this construction, known here as THE CAPITAL WALL, effectively weakens — eventually completely drains — the power of the individual’s AUTONOMOUS SPACE, making it more and more difficult to access the cycles of deep thought that lie within. eventually, after the full construction of the CAPITAL WALL, the maximums of human potential effectively cease to exist, leaving only DESTRUCTION.

and with the corruption of the three spaces of humanity, they take a new, far more damning form;


with no access to the modes of thought and expression, with no way to express ideas in an unfiltered and True manner, the human being falls into oversaturation of the PANOPTIC SPACE — a reliance and a dependence on the physical.

the fluidity and freedom of the human experience, the natural desire to connect with nature, becomes a rigid and commodified set of rules;

the invention of money and finance;

the use of harmful, environment-altering fuels;

the social construction of race;


the corruption of art as marketing;

the gender binary;


war and destruction as the human condition;

formalized government;


soullessly regurgitated, repeated forever — we cannot access anything deeper than this, because we are deflected time and time again by THE CAPITAL WALL.

without the balance between the PANOPTIC and the AUTONOMOUS, there is only raw destruction; Creation without Thought, Art without Ideas, Cultures without Humanity… and so on.
it is simply not complete and inherently destructive.

in this process, the UNITARY SPACE ceases to exist, as the UNITARY SPACE cannot exist without both the PANOPTIC and the AUTONOMOUS. and in this way, both internal and external human potential is brought to a core limit, and all who exceed that limit are destroyed.


so the UNITARY SPACE, the impossible liminal space where humans can find transcendental and metaphysical truths and find utopia, becomes the DESTRUCTIVE SPACE, where everything is destroyed in small parts that lead to a huge and massive destruction of all human life and the decimation of our planet.
it is an illusion of higher power brought only by recklessness. and without some kind of intervention, it will be our end.