human existence defined as two spaces


“The Panoptic Space”;

the physical world and the human cultures that manifest within ;

Histories; Earth; Science; Bodies; Nature; […]

that which can be proven to exist in physical form, with very few interpretations that cannot be proven — that which surrounds Society


“The Autonomous Space”;

the even greater world that exists within a realm of concepts within the mind ;

Fictions / Mythologies; Ideas; Spirituality; Gender / Epicenism; […]

that which may or may not be real, yet drives and motivates the human, with no “true” definition or physical form — that which surrounds Us

these two spaces interface with each other in various ways, harmonically, disorderly, or neutrally;

such as the AUTONOMOUS SPACE offering Ideas,

the PANOPTIC SPACE offering Sound,

their offerings fusing together to create Music,

which exists between a third, perfect utopian space, with which the PANOPTIC and the AUTONOMOUS are always in harmony…