new solo material under the moniker “Mother Excelsia.” detailed info available on bandcamp.

this album was a little bit unexpected. i was originally just going to do some recordings to test out my new home studio setup (an extension of lunar heaven recordings), but ended up being happy enough with how the results were turning out that i decided to record an entire one-off demo record. each track was recorded in one take, which is how i love to do my recordings.

lots of new music brewing in the works. Antriarch are talking about new recordings & potential out-of-state shows. i’m also trying to put together a quasi-improvisational rotating four-piece called The Jenevieve Soundscape Quartet Project. i’m doing more shows in Olympia right now. may be looking into booking some Seattle stuff too. i’m having a lot of fun composing and recording.

my birthday is in September. i may have some plans brewing up.

– natasha dawn